[Updated free VIP novels in jjwxc app!] Break+transfer, hardcopy sale and app notices

Long story short:

1. [13/11/19] Will be transferring Blooming Romance to Dandanmein. Specific details (links, etc) to be announced soon!

2. Blooming Romance’s hardcopy book will be on sale on 19 October at 12PM~

3. There are limited-time free VIP novels updated daily (see below for the short guide). And you can still ask if you have issues with the app. Will reply asap!


In the midst of transferring Blooming Romance to Dandanmein! Will notify you guys with further updates soon! Thank you for sticking around ❤

I really didn’t expect myself to be so caught up with stuff and not be able to properly update for so long so here’s a proper delay notice with some other stuff (⊙﹏⊙) I’m focusing on academics right now, so really sorry. I do have a few chapters done though not tidied up but I decided that I will update only in december bc that’s when I will really be on a break and should have more time for more stable updates so you won’t need to refresh your memory about the story here and there. I understand that some of you will be feeling like (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ at the moment, so sorry!

however, if, along the way, anyone feels like picking up this title and working on it instead, just let me know so i can notify the readers here. i really didn’t expect myself to face such time management issues when i started this project. this is a rather long project but here you have a slow translator so if anyone wants to take it up and can provide stable updates for it, just let me know. will definitely pick a more manageable title in the future and don’t worry, i will see this project to the end if there’s no one intending to take over~


Blooming Romance will be published as a hardcopy book by Vialactea Publishing, a publishing company in Canada

I would only encourage those who perhaps live in canada/america OR have a trustworthy forwarder(for Taiwan or Hongkong) in their country to purchase. Shipping to other places using Canada mail is expensive and there is not tracking. The cheapest Canada shipping option has no tracking too, if I’m not wrong. Shipping to Taiwan or Hongkong should be at most an additional 7CAD to the prices shown above (and please fill the address in chinese for these two countries). The publisher communicates in Chinese so it would be hard if the rest of you want to buy, so sorry qwq. Important things to note:

① English title (translated as The Spring Flood), Chinese content (everything inside follows the original novel): Buy here (purchase link will only be workable on that day)

31.99CAD for the first week, excluding shipping fees (but 5 CAD will be deducted from total during payment as shipping ONLY TO MAINLAND CHINA is included in the price shown, so that extra fee will be deducted for you)

③ Includes publisher exclusive extra chapter(s) ~about 10000 chinese characters added

④ Price is for a set of 2 volumes, and comes with milk bottle-shaped bookmark and postcard

⑤ Complete transaction within the first 24 hours to get the special signature (author’s signature + a sentence/phrase, there will be more than 20 different sentences the author will be writing), within the first week for the normal signature (just the author’s signature)

⑥ You don’t have to create an account to purchase but you can do so beforehand to save your details and address so that you won’t have to type them again on the actual day.

⑦ If you are worried about exchange rate on the actual day, you can buy gift cards beforehand (basically online vouchers) then use it to pay on the actual day. Note that gift cards non-refundable and in the event that you bought a 50CAD gc but only spent 31.99CAD, there will be 18.01CAD left in the gc and you can still use it the next round.

⑧ There are Pick Ups at Washington, Toronto and San Francisco but I’m not sure how this works (require just a small fee of 2-4 CAD). If you’re familiar with this kind of service and intends to use it but have some questions about it, feel free to let me convey your message to the publisher’s customer service.

Delivery takes about 3-5 months from when the presale starts. You will be notified to edit your address if necessary before delivery so don’t panic if you wrote a wrong address or changed your address, etc.

⑩ In the event that you are no longer able to purchase the book and wants a refund, you can do so as long as it is before presale period ends (19 Dec). The amount will be refunded depending on which method of payment you used (credit card back to credit card, gc amount back to gc).

㈠ Do go ahead and experiment how purchasing works on the website (pretty clear cut but let me know if you need some help!)

㈡ The book will be on sale for 3 years so don’t worry if you want to get it but cannot do so at the moment. Just note the slight changes in price for different periods.

㈢ I won’t be getting the hardcopy this time <( _ _ )> so I won’t be able to translate the extra chapters in the book, sorry! Really quite tight right now.

That’s about it regarding the book! Any further questions, just comment anywhere on the blog. Will answer you asap!!


About jjwxc’s app, I really don’t have the time to meddle with the blog formatting to update the guide BUT continue leaving your questions in the comment if you face any difficulties using the app or site. Will be back to check frequently to answer you guys real soon!

A feature I forgot to mention earlier is the limited-time free novels in the app!

About 3-4 VIP novels are available for 0 jj points daily (titles are changed each day). They can be of different genres or same genre (bg, bl, etc) and may be completed or ongoing. Authors usually put up their VIP novels for free to attract more readers for that novel (if ongoing) or for their ongoing/upcoming novel (if completed)

Just purchase the novel by clicking the download sign or the other methods mentioned in the guide! If you missed the free novels for a particular day, then you missed the offer. You need to exit and reenter the app to refresh the titles each day. (I’m not sure if this feature is available on the webpage since I can’t find it. Let me know if it is!)

As for the comments I missed so far, sorry, will answer later today! Need to sleep first இ௰இ

See the rest of you for update in a month and a half time!


8 thoughts on “[Updated free VIP novels in jjwxc app!] Break+transfer, hardcopy sale and app notices

  1. Hi Shoko!
    I’m interested in picking up this series , “Blooming Romance”, as my next project after I am done with my current series “I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival Games”. Just wondering if you are okay with that?
    Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. hi kk, thank you for offering to help and so so sorry for only checking my notifications now!! however, dan-dan from dandanmein has already asked to take up blooming romance so i’m currently in the midst of transferring the blooming romance over to dan-dan.

      thank you so much for trying to help though!! ╰(*°▽°*)╯ all the best with your current and future projects <33


      1. No worries, DandanMein has already contacted me about this so I’ve decided to pick something else. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to reply despite being so busy!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the update about the hard copy.
    Me and my friend are actually interested in buying it, but as soon as you stated that there’s no tracking, I immediately pull back.
    We don’t have the luxury to spend time on trying to trace the delivery when we make the purchase in the future.
    I’ve experienced delivery from London and they are quite exceptional.
    But delivery in my country was the one that has problem instead.
    That’s why, if the Canadian site don’t have tracking information, that will give me double problem.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that.
    So I guess I’ll pass it.
    But again, thank you for your information.
    Really appreciate it.

    Ps: Sorry for the awkward Grammar. I hope you can still understand what I’m trying to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no prob and i totally understand where you are coming from! i’m the kind who doesn’t feel safe even with tracking so I panic every time when it comes to waiting for a delivery ack (´ー∀ー`) (I actually bought a title from this publisher using a taiwan forwarder a while back but didn’t know blooming romance would be out so soon QAQ hopefully the books come in good condition~)

      the publisher does offer bulk delivery (ships with tracking after you accumulate 10 books) but price will just go a few levels up as shipping per book will be about 13CAD instead. shipping to TW or HK will be safer if one doesn’t live in Canada as the publisher has a so called partner shipping company doing that for them (which is why it won’t be as expensive too) so that’s a good alternative only if you have a forwarder providing the service.
      otherwise, purchasing the original web version is good enough! save the money and use it to buy more novels you like in the future instead ╰(*°▽°*)╯

      books were honestly way easier to purchase in the past when they could be listed on taobao. now that the laws have changed and everything non-bg switched to going through individual publishers’ websites and systems, it’s just extra work for everyone sadly qwq

      thanks for sharing about your circumstances too!

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