[INFO] JJWXC 18 Anniversary Event

Event period: 30 July-31 August GMT+8

Receive 2×nutrient solutions for novels purchased during this period! Today is the last day of the month btw! Give away expiring nutrient solutions

If you top up using alipay, for every 100rmb top up (in a single go), you will get 100 jj coins extra.

There is also a spend >20000 jj coins to exchange for a random authors’ signatures/books but they are limited and a mainland china address is required if you do get it. Will leave you guys to find out more details about it on your own if interested~


Working on the next guide update already! And these are the latest changes to the sunlight values:


2 thoughts on “[INFO] JJWXC 18 Anniversary Event

  1. hello! thank you so much for the guide! It has helped me a lot 🙂 I would like to ask if you know at what time they release the jj coins available to swap with the sunlight value? all they put is 每日整点限量发 and I have no idea when >< by the time I log onto the app, they say that all of it has been claimed already TT

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    1. hihi it means they are being released hourly gmt+8! just be there on time for one of the hour, within the few 1-2min should be safe. for example enter the page at 1pm or 1.01/1.02pm, the coins should be still available them (sflr!)

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