[UPDATE] JJWXC Guide 6.25

got this update out first so hopefully more people will notice the addition of the sunlight values! changes this round include: ① sunlight values on pages 5-7 ② updated taobao link (my bad, totally forgot all the taobao links were changed a while back!) ③ added the link to eggy's paypal guide on twitter under … Continue reading [UPDATE] JJWXC Guide 6.25


[UPDATE] Removal of free text-to-audio function

jjwxc announced this morning that baidu is no longer providing free service for the text-to-audio function. the free service will be removed from the app starting from iOS4.6.9 (to be released this month) and Android5.5.6 (to be released in July). they will replace it with the paid version which you are required to buy if … Continue reading [UPDATE] Removal of free text-to-audio function

[INFO] JJWXC Lunar New Year Event

Event period: 3 February-28 February GMT+8 I'm late again, really sorry! Heads up that bombs/rewards event is back again. As usual, refer to pages 46-47 of the guide for the general info. http://www.jjwxc.net/sp/newyear2021/bjhd.php Any questions just send them to the spreadsheet. I just cleared the questions there, sorry for the late replies! Promise to get … Continue reading [INFO] JJWXC Lunar New Year Event


Event period: 19 November-7 December GMT+8 Bombs/rewards and nutrients bottles×2 event is back! Refer to pages 46-47 of the guide for the general info. There's also a points giveback event. If you spend more than 2000 jj coins from now till 30 November, the extra coins (total-2000) will be given back to you in the … Continue reading [EDIT: +POINTS GIVEBACK] JJWXC Thanksgiving Event