[UPDATE] JJWXC Guide 6.25

got this update out first so hopefully more people will notice the addition of the sunlight values!

changes this round include:

① sunlight values on pages 5-7

② updated taobao link (my bad, totally forgot all the taobao links were changed a while back!)

③ added the link to eggy’s paypal guide on twitter under the paypal method for those who need help with paypal

④ the term “jj points” has been changed to “jj coins”! have no idea why i went with jj points last time

next update should include the bookmark guides that are already in the drive folder (and omg so sorry to whoever i told that you can’t bookmark on desktop long time ago. i just found the way to do so a few days ago ◑﹏◐), the different charts on jj, other layout changes to the app i missed out last round and the removal of the text-to-audio function notice.

if you guys have any other functions on jj that you want to use but don’t know how, feel free to let me know. will add to the guide if i can!

and if you prefer to contact or follow updates on twitter, you can find me there at shokotranslates too ヾ(•ω•`)o

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