Blooming Romance Chapter 30

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t/n (hover over the number to read the note without affecting your reading/clicking will bring you back here):
1. Quenching thirst with poison (饮鸩止渴) – seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences
2. After me, the flood (Après moi, le deluge) – a French expression, attributed to Madame de Pompadour, the lover of King Louis XV of France, now used commonly to say something along the lines of “I don’t give a damn about what happens after I’m gone”. (taken from here)

Chu Xun was feeling a mix of sadness and happiness. What did he do to make someone as good as Lin Yanchen fall in love with him?

He knew clearly that he shouldn’t stay. When he turned back, he was still thinking of trying his luck, even thinking that he would just see Lin Yanchen one more time, just one more time. Then he would leave after that. He didn’t expect that when he really saw Xiao Lin, he lost his rationality.

He couldn’t help it. 

Since his meeting with Lin Yanchen, all the impulses he gave in to in his life were used on Lin Yanchen every time.

They held hands and walked back with teary eyes after they both stopped crying.

Lin Yanchen dragged the luggage with one hand while his other hand held Chu Xun’s hand, intertwining their fingers. They held hands throughout, not willing to let go even when their hands started to sweat.

Even though they obviously had zero distance close contact with each other many times, and had done almost everything, Chu Xun was only starting to feel the shyness of being in love now. Just being hand in hand made his cheeks heat up.

He felt bashful. How silly of him, a thirty-year-old old man, to act like a youngster who just fell in love for the first time.

Chu Xun’s heart pounded the entire way, both out of happiness and uncertainty.

What he was doing was merely quenching thirst with poison1.

His original intention: Après moi, le déluge. (After me, the flood.)2

His plans were now messed up.

He’s really the most selfish person in the world. Even though he’s dying, he’s still yearning for Xiao Lin’s gentleness, greedily wanting to experience real love.

What he’s doing definitely isn’t good for Xiao Lin.

Lin Yanchen was still unable to comprehend the change of events. “You’re not leaving anymore, right?”

“Xiao Lin, if I really left, how long would you be sad for?” Chu Xun asked.

Lin Yanchen panicked. “You’re still leaving?”

“It’s just an assumption…”

Lin Yanchen wasn’t that convinced, but he shook his head and answered honestly, “I don’t know…”

He didn’t say anything fancy, such as maybe for a few years or maybe for a lifetime. He used to discuss with his friends whether the number of times people can meet true love in their life are few, but he felt that it’s only true love when one has an only one in this life. If there are a few times, none of them is considered true love. True love should be irreplaceable, but his friends told him that he was naive.

Chu Xun didn’t ask further. He had neither any plans of telling Lin Yanchen about his terminal illness nor finding out about the younger’s true identity. He imagined what the younger would do if the younger knew about his terminal illness, believing that Xiao Lin would not abandon him and would actually take him to see a doctor. But that would just be him sharing his pain with Xiao Lin. This illness isn’t curable. He doesn’t wish that Lin Yanchen will see him becoming uglier and uglier as his life reaches its end. That’s the last bit of dignity he wants to keep.

When the butler, Ad, saw them coming back, he wasn’t taken aback and looked extremely calm.

As if nothing had happened. As if they just went out for a ride and came back.

Lin Yanchen asked Chu Xun, “Are you hungry?”

Chu Xun shook his head, feeling sleepy. He didn’t know if it was because he cried at the airport, the lack of sleep last night or the trip back. “I feel dizzy. Let me sleep for a while.”

Of course, Lin Yanchen didn’t reject Chu Xun’s request, but he followed closely behind the older, like a clingy big dog. Chu Xun was even afraid that he would step on Lin Yanchen’s feet when he turned around. Lin Yanchen also quickly joined Chu Xun in the bed after the older changed into his pajamas, sticking close to the older.

Lin Yanchen’s squeezing easily made the big kingsize bed, which could fit four to five people nicely, feel as squeezy as a singlesize bed. He embraced Chu Xun and gently said, “Sleep, Ah Xun. I’ll warm your feet.”

Lin Yanchen was so cute that Chu Xun couldn’t help kissing the younger.

Overjoyed, Lin Yanchen kissed Chu Xun back.

The kiss wasn’t sexual at all; it was filled with shyness from ceaseless love.

Chu Xun was really tired. This time, however, he didn’t need sleeping pills. He leaned against Xiao Lin’s warm chest and unknowingly fell into a deep slumber.

Chu Xun dreamed of something.

The dream was extremely  brazen. He actually dreamed of Lin Yanchen proposing to him. “Ah Xun, I love you. Marry me, I want to be with you for the rest my life.”

In his dream, he wasn’t ill and he agreed to Lin Yanchen’s proposal. They held the wedding.

When they arrived at the church, Lin Yanchen disappeared and a little boy was carrying a small rattan basket full of petals. Chu Xun didn’t see him clearly at first and was curious where the child came from. He asked, “Little boy, who are you?”

The little boy raised his little face, a face the looked like Lin Yanchen, and smiled when he looked at Chu Xun. “Papa.”

Chu Xun woke up in surprise in the end.

The cold sweat on his forehead drenched his earlocks. Why did he have such an absurd and illogical weird dream?

Lin Yanchen woke up because of Chu Xun. Even though he was sleepy, he still took some tissue papers to wipe the older’s sweat. “Why are you sweating so badly? Did you have nightmares again? Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” He comforted as his head slowly cleared up.

“It’s not a nightmare. It should be considered a sweet dream.” Chu Xun said with a tinge of melancholy.

Lin Yanchen didn’t understand. “Shouldn’t you be happy after you had a sweet dream? What did you dream about?”

It was the fact that Chu Xun knew that that was only a dream that would never happen that made him feel at loss. It would be too embarrassing to tell Lin Yanchen about the content of his dream. So, with a blushing old face, he said, “I can’t tell you.”

Lin Yanchen’s eyes seemed to be twinkling like bright amber. “Don’t tell me you dreamed about me?”

Chu Xun hurriedly said, “I said I won’t tell you. Stop asking.”

Lin Yanchen giggled. Now that he knew the answer, he didn’t continue teasing Chu Xun. “Where do you still want to go? I’ll bring there.” He asked instead.

Chu Xun stared at Lin Yanchen, softly saying after a while, “I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to stay with you.”

Lin Yanchen only felt his heart melting from Chu Xun’s cuteness. Too cute, how can Chu Xun be so cute! So cute that he makes one feel like swearing!

He was left in daze for a long time. He panicked, unsure what sort of way he could express his love for the older. For the first time in his life, he realised how lacking his vocabulary bank was. He carefully and gently kissed Chu Xun’s lips in the end.

They both blushed as their heads remained against each other.

When feelings become deep, they become purer than ever.

A good sleep at night resulted in their great mood the next day.

Lin Yanchen kept his hands to himself, not even saying anything dirty. This afternoon, after lunch, he sneakily hid from Chu Xun to change into a suit again.

Not knowing what Lin Yanchen was up to, Chu Xun asked in an amused tone, “My little prince, we’re not going out. Why are you dressed up like this?”

Lin Yanchen replied coyly, “Because I’ve something important to say, so I’m dressed this formally.”

“What is it?”

Lin Yanchen gazed at Chu Xun intently and affectionately, then asked seriously, “Ah Xun, I want to court you properly and seriously again. Can you allow me to court you?”

Chu Xun was dumbfounded for a second. He thought that them embracing at the airport already signified the start of their relationship. He didn’t expect Lin Yanchen to seek for permission so seriously and formally… In this world, only Lin Yanchen would treat him so well. As though he was influenced by Xiao Lin’s shyness, he didn’t know what to do next and started blushing too.

Chu Xun nodded. “Mhm.”

Lin Yanchen was so happy that he almost wanted to hop around. He subconsciously wanted to hug Chu Xun, but remembering that they just started dating again and he should keep his hands to himself, he held himself back. Just looking at Chu Xun with bright eyes, he asked, “Ah Xun, can we?”

Chu Xun couldn’t stop the corners of his lips from curving upwards, heart beat increasing at an alarming speed too. “Not only that, I agree to dating with you now. Do you find me too irresolute?”

Lin Yanchen blanked out for a moment. Too happy, he ended up not knowing what to say. He touched his head and dumbly said, “Ah.”

Chu Xun laughed when he saw Lin Yanchen’s silliness. “What ‘ah’? Did I give in too easily? Then I’ll reject you and stay hesitant for a few more days. But I think I really like you very much, and that I shouldn’t hesitate and waste time.”

Like a sunflower that had bloomed, a silly smile appeared Lin Yanchen’s face. He agitatedly launched himself at Chu Xun, hugged the older and even raised the older up. “No, no, don’t reject me! I’m so happy!”

“Ah Xun, you finally said you like me.”

Chu Xun laughed. Placing his hands on Lin Yanchen’s face, he looked at the younger deeply and initiated a kiss.

A sweet kiss.

Chu Xun saw the overwhelmed look on Lin Yanchen’s face and asked with a laugh, “Why’s your face so red? Idiot.”

Lin Yanchen looked back at him with bright eyes. “Yours is very red too.”

“Definitely not as red as yours.” Chu Xun cheeks heated up further.

“Let’s go and look in the mirror then.”

“I’m not going. That’s so stupid.”

Both of them were like idiot, laughing at one another.

While Chu Xun was indeed happy, he suddenly felt slight dizziness. He forced himself to bear it, the worries in his heart lingering.

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  1. This is giving me diabetes QAQ. So sweet but sad. If Chu Xun really is sick, I wonder what LYC would do, can’t help but wonder..

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  2. oooohhh, they have a boy!
    The concept of conception dreams (i forgot the proper term for this) is very heartwarming to me. The dream also pretty prophetic and gives hope to the tortured hearts of the readers. It was a nice little sneak peak to the dumpling and their future together!

    Another beautifully translated chapter as always! Thank you so much!

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  5. I can understand why Chu Xun stayed quiet about his illness. But, I think it would only hurt Lin Yachen even more if he only found out about Chu Xun’s illness when it’s too late already. Well thankfully as a reader I know that Chu Xun isn’t really sick, so it’s not that stressful for me hahah

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