How to use JJWXC

Will update this as and when I need to and have the time. Feel free to comment any question or stuff you want to know more about/ improvement to the messy layout. (if you want it to be more personal (thru email/discord/etc), let me know too and i will provide them. cough not using those ways now bc i’m a very lazy person who barely checks them cough)

✨ways to support without any cost
1 story favourite=1000 novel points
1 author favourite=500 novel points to all the stories by that author

* The higher the novel points, the higher the chances of a novel getting on charts like New JJ Author Chart, Monthly Chart, Season Chart, Half-A-Year Chart, etc. that are shown to all on the site=increase popularity especially for ongoing novels

Table of contents:
1. How to sign up/login✨
2. How to top up your jj points
3. How to buy the novel (+ download chapters in the app)
4. How to favourite a novel✨
 5. How to favourite an author ✨
6. How to comment/rate (after purchasing)
7. How to give away nutrients bottles (don’t waste them if you already purchased at least one novel!)
8. How to throw bombs (rewards that goes to author + help with ranking)
9. Miscellaneous details (types of users, etc)

How to sign up/login

desktop website / andriod app download (apk) / search 晋江小说阅读 in the AppStore
*use google chrome so you can google translate the whole webpage to understand better

1. sign up/login buttons:

2. sign up page:


*should be almost the same on the app (you can just use the website as you can only top up by Paypal on the website)

3. successful sign up:

4. email verification:

5. login:
6. setting your reader id:

*note that some symbols don’t work on jj and they become a bunch of ???? or complicated characters
*not setting an id will mean your id will appear as your account number

7. reject this:

How to top up your jj points

What you need: Paypal

How the it works: 17 USD=10000 jj points / 34 USD=20000 jj points (these amounts are fixed for now)

1. topping up (you will be asked to set a few security questions→google translate the webpage):

you can only give rewards (which will help with the ranking of the novel and part of the money will go to the author) 180 days after your first top up

*the rest is understandable using google translate
*paypal top up cannot be done on the app(

2. checking your balance:

How to buy the novel

tip: use the app to buy the novels at a lower price as the app charges at SUPER VIP rate (save more, buy more)
*BASIC / VIP / SUPER VIP USER: 5 points / 4 points / 3 points
per thousand words respectively
*one completed novel usually cost 1100-1500 jj points on the app


for desktop website, you can simply google “(title of novel) jjwxc” and find it directly (will be easier and clearer)


2. buying the vip chapters:

*will be cheaper on app unless you have the SUPER VIP card to use/is already a SUPER VIP user

method 1: click the list → click any of the vip chapter

method 2: click the download button (able to read offline in the app)

*the bottom part in the third pic won’t appear if you uncheck the download box
*the red part is different for different novels depending on the author’s setting
*automatically purchase only works for ongoing novels→jj points will be deducted whenever a vip chapter is updated so you don’t need to buy them manually

making sure the chapters are downloaded:

in the case that some chapters just won’t be downloaded via mass download (select all), do not click “download in the background”. just wait till this appears:

How to favourite a novel

click here to jump to “searching for the novel”

uncategorised refers to the default folder

How to favourite an author


if you have already favourited the novel (on app), you can long press the cover to get to the novel info page:


How to comment/rate (please do not abuse this function, use it to send love to your favourite authors~)

do comment only under vip novels after you have at least purchased a vip chapter as people can check to see whether you purchased the novel(;・∀・)
and feel free to get me to help you translate/check your comment (just leave a comment below (and with a way to contact you if you prefer it to be more private!))

*you can only rate a novel on the app and given that you purchased the whole novel (you won’t be able to rate for novels with locked chapters as they don’t count that as a full purchase)

web page


(nutrients bottles can be given to novel when commenting too)

this rating function is just to make the novel look more appealing to potential readers (no further impact)

rating system
a comment will be auto-generated if you don’t leave one

How to give away nutrients bottles

What it’s for:
– Increase chances of (mostly) ongoing novels getting on the Most Supported by Readers Chart
– Makes the novel more attractive to potential readers
*expires on the 1st of the third month after you receive the bottles (so pick the novel you like to give away the bottles! can be your fav author’s ongoing novel even if you haven’t read it as that will be more useful!)

How to get the nutrients bottles:
1. Purchase vip chapters from a novel (without skipping any chapters (so novels with locked chapters are affected)). For every 300000 words purchased, you get 10 bottles.
2. If the novel purchased has less than 300000 words, you get 1 bottle per 30000 words.

1. Checking number of nutrients bottles received

web page

2. Giving away nutrients bottles

go to the novel info page

1. Checking number of nutrients bottles received

refreshes on the 1st of each month (don’t panic if the no. becomes 0. it will be fixed soon)

method 1: at the novel info page


method 2: when commenting (click to jump up)

last update: 1 march 2019


29 thoughts on “How to use JJWXC

  1. This is such a wonderful guide! Thank you very much!

    I only encountered one problem. I just can’t download the app (╥_╥) Neither do I find the app in the android app store nor would it allow me to download the app via link, and the QR code doesn’t work either for me.

    Is the app maybe region locked? Do you perhaps know how I can solve this stupid thing? (Q A Q) I really wanted to have the app not only because it’s cheaper there but because I usually read on my phone anyways.


  2. Hello!! i was thinking if there’s any guide i can show my non-CH speaking friends and then i found this!! Thank you!!
    Also, i think you need to mention how to upgrade the account from 普通用戶 to 初級VIP, because as far as i know, users have to manually click a button to immediately upgrade the account and get cheaper price for the chapters (or you need to spend >3000 points within 30 days to get automatic upgrade)
    初級VIP has cheaper prices, and 初級VIP has even lower prices on the JJWXC app!! since all international payments top-up at least 17USD and are eligible for the upgrade (+discounts) so why not just grab it!! saves money!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ayee yes I have plans for that under ‘miscellaneous details’ but I haven’t gotten there QAQ and you’re right about the app providing lower prices bc users are automatically given the 高级VIP discounted prices in there! I actually did stress on using the app for purchasing and the web page for top ups but if they are not eye-catching enough, I will do something about that when I have the time to! (hopefully by end of the end!!) o(><;)oo
      and glad you find it helpful~!


    1. hi and so sorrrryy for the late reply!! they are supposed to be under ‘miscellaneous details’ but I haven’t found time to get that section typed out

      gold cards
      – only available to 初级VIP and 高级VIP
      – how to get:
      when your spending last month is more than or equals to 2000 jj points and your spending this month is 1000 jj points more than last month
      (e.g. spending in May: 5500 jj points | spending in June (this month): 6500 jj points)
      -valid for 90 days / expiry date can be extended once by 30 days using 2000 moonstones (you can get this by doing the daily sign in but I haven’t gotten to this part too)

      discount cards
      – exchange 3 gold cards for 1 discount card
      – valid for 180 days
      – once activated, enjoy 30 days of 20% off for novel purchases/bombs

      if you need me to explain the unexplained functions such as the types of users now, let me know and i’ll try to get back to you asap!!


  3. Hi! I’ve been using your instructions to read and they have been super helpful. I went almost a month before I ran into trouble. I accidentally checked automatic purchase when I bought chapters on the app. Would you happen to know how to cancel that?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. webpage: click “读书” at the top right corner > “VIP服务” in the drop down menu > search for the title and look for “取消续订” (words beside this should be a red “续订中”) > “您要取消续订这本书吗?” click ok
      picture guide

      app: click your profile (human icon on top right) > “账务” > “VIP服务” > search for the title and click the last column (which should be a green “是”) > click the second option “取消自动订阅” > they will tell you “取消订阅成功”
      picture guide

      will add this to the guide soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello, my friend 😀

    Thank you very much for the guide 😉 my english isn’t very good bc i’m hispanic speaker hahaha

    My question is,can i will win points free?i haven’t paypal and my favorite books need $ because are VIP and i’m crying,the novel is veeeery good 😦

    I hope your answer 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi there, the only way to earn points for free right now is to review comments/blog posts by approving/disapproving them according to the site’s criteria. This means it’s not possible if you can’t read chinese (´д`、)

      perhaps you can wait till the time when you can create a paypal account as paypal is currently the most accessible way to top up jj points at the moment for foreign readers. really appreciated your effort to buy the novel you like and so sorry for the lack of help i’m able to provide!


  5. What does it mean when it says a chapter is locked? I want to buy a chapter but it says it is locked. I went looking around on some of the pirate sites and none of them have the chapter either. I don’t remember putting an age in during sign up. Could you please help?


    1. usually, a chapter is locked when it contains inappropriate content or words (too much description below the neck, etc). the chapter won’t be unlocked unless the author reports it as a mistake to the site/correct the chapter. so, there’s just no way to buy a locked chapter.
      i’ve never encountered your problem though. are you sure it’s a locked chapter and not some mistake? if the chapter can’t be found anywhere, it probably didn’t exist before (・□・;)let me know the title if you want me to check it for you!

      about the age, why were you prompted to fill that in?


  6. Woah.
    You’re the first Translator who gives such a detailed on how to support the author.
    Thank you very much.
    Now I don’t have any money yet in my bank account and I don’t understand how to make a PayPal account, but as soon I understand, I’ll try to give support as many as I can.
    Again, thank you very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey, thank you very much for this! I followed it carefully and I’ve already bought three novels… I feel like a kid in a candy store, though I hope the authors won’t mind the excited English comments I’ll be leaving soon. 😀

    My only question is whether or not there’s a way to earn points other than paying for them? When I looked at the member levels, it mentioned that most people reach the middle level in 15 days by ‘earning’ or some such. Is that just referring to people writing novels? (I mean, I could write an English chapter, but I feel like nobody would read it, and rightly so.)

    Thanks again! I’ve been hovering around that website for months, but I never felt confident enough to sign up. You’ve changed my life for the better. ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. really happy to know this tutorial is useful for you! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) and ayee if you need help translating your comments to chinese, i can help you with that too! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

      as for the member level (haven’t go into details on this yet), the difference between them are the reduction in price per thousand words as written at the top under the 3. How to buy the novel (+ download chapters in the app).
      when you create an account, you’re a normal user. to become a basic (spending) user, you need to 1) top up at least 3000 jj points OR 2) spend 1500 jj points in 15 days. the current difference between a normal and basic user is that for latest updates (aka ongoing novels ones), it’s 10 jj points/thousand words vs 5 jj points/thousand words respectively. for already completed novels, it’s 5 jj points/ thousand words for both users.
      so, becoming an author doesn’t give you any reader benefit actually o v o. BUT you can actually earn free jj points though this is really tough for readers who can’t read chinese. it’s under the “评审得晋江币” tab at the top of the web page when you sign in on browser and what you need to do is look through comments users left and approve/disapprove them according to the site’s criteria (i.e. no cursing, no political topics, etc). then you get 2 jj points for very 3000 words you checked. i wasn’t planning to get to this since it’s not that helpful if you can’t read chinese qwq

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s been super helpful! I checked the folder where I’ve been storing stories from this site that I’d like to finish at some point and I have over 200, yikes. That’ll take me a while to buy, but it’s a good problem to have.

        I would definitely like to take up you up on your kind offer to translate some comments – really, I’m just worried google translate will create something offensive or English will come off weird since I’ve never seen an English comment yet.. But I really want to tell them how much I like their stories, too. Really, what would be great is just a phrase or two that says: I’m an English-speaker who loves your story! Thank you for sharing it, and my incomprehensible English praise follows. Here, have a mine. 😀

        Oh right, I’m a VIP of some description now since I bought 10,000… but really, you can’t get points for being an author? That seems unfair, but I guess you can get paid and translate it back into points. But lol, yeah, I don’t think I’ll be screening any comments. Google translate is good enough to let me read pretty much any novel, but I’m guessing it misses the subtleties. Don’t want to get banned!

        Thanks again for being so helpful! I mean, my wallet may not thank you, but the six hours or so I spent reading today definitely does. As a silly gesture to thank you, Blooming Romance was the second novel I bought. But it wound up being great, so I ended up reading it all instead. ^_^

        Liked by 2 people

      2. ayee that’s great!! kekeke and here you go, i made some changes to make the comment more translatable |ू´꒳`) btw, emoji doesn’t work on jj and some symbols don’t appear/turn into weird stuff too. you will have to try your luck with this when it comes to using special symbols or emoticon qwq

        what the comment above is saying:
        Hello, I’m a foreign reader! Even though I can’t read chinese, I really like your story! Thank you for sharing. I shall leave my incomprehensible praise here~

        do correct the punctuation and stuff according to your style and if you want to add something on/have any other comments to leave, feel free to hit me up any time~ will get back to you asap!
        and again, do do make use of the app to buy novels bc it’s straightaway at SUPER VIP price there regardless of account type=cheaper~

        will try to update more details about jj some time next week to talk about other functions soon!! and gahh that’s really sweet, thank you ´Д`*)♡ /pats your wallet/ haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Success! I left my first comments, though apparently I can’t throw mines yet. I used your text, so thank you so much! That’s a good reminder about the app – do the things you buy there show up as bought on the site as well? I only read on the computer.

        Now I’ve finished my first two of my novels, so I get to pick which one to read next… ah, it’s so exciting! I’m going to pick one of my many, many end of the world novels. I feel like I should be thanking you forever. 😀

        Liked by 2 people

      4. you can do that only 3 months after your account is created if i didn’t remember wrongly! and yep, they should show up in your favourites folder!

        have fun exploring the site and app~ if you need help, let me know any time *´ㅅ`)”

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Omg thank you so much for making this guide! Now readers will be able to support the authors more easily :3 I’m definitely linking to this on my site!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Thanks to you I just bought my first book! ٩(●ᴗ●)۶
    Could you please explain how to download the ebook on desktop, when you have time? I keep clicking on the link and I’m confused…
    Thank you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh that’s good to hear!! you can only download for offline reading on your phone (inside the app).
      as for website, the site does allow txt download BUT only for the non-VIP chapters and you need the moonstones (which you can get through manual daily sign in) to use that function. i haven’t tried that before and didn’t explain the sign in function yet but if you need it, will get the page updated asap!

      (p.s. i personally find the download function in the app convenient enough though!! also, sorry for the late reply!!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ah! that makes sense! i’ll just download the mobile app and won’t bother about the moonstones! i really appreciate you replying at all so thank you!!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. feel free to point out any doubts you may have while using jj! also, the app is also good in the sense that you can purchase the novels at a cheaper price so it saves some money ´・ᴗ・` (will slowly add the other functions the site have soon > <)

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you for this. I will give it a try in the next few days. This looks really clear, but I still need to build up my nerves! I always worry about doing something incorrectly, even in English, but I want to buy the books, so will give it a go.

    Liked by 1 person

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