[UPDATE] JJWXC Guide 2021

Happy close-to-a-year anniversary since the last update! I’m so sorry for dragging the updates /taking procrastination to the next level and even forgot my wp password இ௰இ

Similar to the previous update, the bigger changes are highlighted at the front. Added some additional notes too. Can you feel my resentment towards jj in the latest version

Someone mentioned these icons in the spreadsheet! In case some of you are interested to know what they mean, they are basically the different licenses that a particular novel has signed. This can only be viewed in the author’s bulletin on desktop mode and there are a lot of different types so I shall not go into the details. You can ask if you want to know specific ones. If you are interested to keep up with the licenses and stuff, they are found here.

And also regarding bombs, yep, all authors earns 50% of the amount of the bombs you throw, regardless of whether you have the discount card activated or not. Throwing bombs when your discount card is activated is mainly useful in raising your ranks faster haha.
I added some info about the differences in the ratio the author earns in the guide BUT note that there is absolutely no need to switch to desktop purchases if you are not at veteran level yet. Don’t, really don’t, don’t give jj the opportunity to earn more money just because you had to spend more than you should. You can always do that after you are a veteran user.


Another reader mentioned quite some time back about not being able to bulk purchase when certain chapters are locked. (I’m sorry I didn’t managed to find any I am reading now that contains a locked chapter to try it out). I am not sure whether this problem is still persisting. If it is, I guess the only solution will only be to purchase one by one for any chapter range(s) that contains (a) locked chapter(s) (っ °Д °;)っ

If there is any issues in this latest version, do point it out for me to correct! Links have been updated and if anything, do contact by commenting somewhere here on wp or in the spreadsheet. I don’t usually check my email as it was for translation-related and this lazyass clearly stopped checking ever since she retired(?). And about retranslations of the guide, feel free to do so! Don’t need to ask and wait for my slow replies owo

Also as always, you are encouraged to read the guide in a go first bc it’s a big mess and you can miss out important notes. 70% of the questions I get can be found somewhere in the guide already 〒▽〒

It’s been a while but I hope you guys are all doing well, especially during this difficult time! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones~ Stay safe and healthy! \( ̄︶ ̄*\))


3 thoughts on “[UPDATE] JJWXC Guide 2021

  1. Jiejie, thank you so much. This lowly peasant has been crying rivers since the whole jjwxc fiasco and translators rightfully locking their works. But this peasant is broke and in the midst of my finals. Jiejie, this lowly peasant shall seek your guidance the minute the exams are over. Kowtows endlessly


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