How to use JJWXC

[25/6/2021] Latest version of the guide (pdf):

old guide:

[16 OCT] brief explanation on limited-time free VIP novels under #3 here. will add the feature to this guide properly next time!! do also view the comments below for info not yet added to the guide (gold cards, discount cards, etc). anything else, leave your comments and I will respond asap!

Will update this as and when I need to and have the time. Feel free to comment any question or stuff you want to know more about/ improvement to the messy layout. (if you want it to be more personal (thru email/discord/etc), let me know too and i will provide them. cough not using those ways now bc i’m a very lazy person who barely checks them cough)

✨ways to support without any cost
1 story favourite=1000 novel points
1 author favourite=500 novel points to all the stories by that author

* The higher the novel points, the higher the chances of a novel getting on charts like New JJ Author Chart, Monthly Chart, Season Chart, Half-A-Year Chart, etc. that are shown to all on the site=increase popularity especially for ongoing novels

Table of contents:
1. How to sign up/login✨
2. How to top up your jj points
3. How to buy the novel (+ download chapters in the app)
4. How to favourite a novel✨
 5. How to favourite an author ✨
6. How to comment/rate (after purchasing)
7. How to give away nutrients bottles (don’t waste them if you already purchased at least one novel!)
8. How to throw bombs (rewards that goes to author + help with ranking)
9. Miscellaneous details (types of users, etc)

How to sign up/login

desktop website / andriod app download (apk) / search 晋江小说阅读 in the AppStore
*use google chrome so you can google translate the whole webpage to understand better

1. sign up/login buttons:

2. sign up page:


*should be almost the same on the app (you can just use the website as you can only top up by Paypal on the website)

3. successful sign up:

4. email verification:

5. login:
6. setting your reader id:

*note that some symbols don’t work on jj and they become a bunch of ???? or complicated characters
*not setting an id will mean your id will appear as your account number

7. reject this:

How to top up your jj points

What you need: Paypal

How the it works: 17 USD=10000 jj points / 34 USD=20000 jj points (these amounts are fixed for now)

1. topping up (you will be asked to set a few security questions→google translate the webpage):

you can only give rewards (which will help with the ranking of the novel and part of the money will go to the author) 180 days after your first top up

*the rest is understandable using google translate
*paypal top up cannot be done on the app(

2. checking your balance:

How to buy the novel

tip: use the app to buy the novels at a lower price as the app charges at SUPER VIP rate (save more, buy more)
*BASIC / VIP / SUPER VIP USER: 5 points / 4 points / 3 points
per thousand words respectively
*one completed novel usually cost 1100-1500 jj points on the app


for desktop website, you can simply google “(title of novel) jjwxc” and find it directly (will be easier and clearer)


2. buying the vip chapters:

*will be cheaper on app unless you have the SUPER VIP card to use/is already a SUPER VIP user

method 1: click the list → click any of the vip chapter

method 2: click the download button (able to read offline in the app)

*the bottom part in the third pic won’t appear if you uncheck the download box
*the red part is different for different novels depending on the author’s setting
*automatically purchase only works for ongoing novels→jj points will be deducted whenever a vip chapter is updated so you don’t need to buy them manually

making sure the chapters are downloaded:

in the case that some chapters just won’t be downloaded via mass download (select all), do not click “download in the background”. just wait till this appears:

How to favourite a novel

click here to jump to “searching for the novel”

uncategorised refers to the default folder

How to favourite an author


if you have already favourited the novel (on app), you can long press the cover to get to the novel info page:


How to comment/rate (please do not abuse this function, use it to send love to your favourite authors~)

do comment only under vip novels after you have at least purchased a vip chapter as people can check to see whether you purchased the novel(;・∀・)
and feel free to get me to help you translate/check your comment (just leave a comment below (and with a way to contact you if you prefer it to be more private!))

*you can only rate a novel on the app and given that you purchased the whole novel (you won’t be able to rate for novels with locked chapters as they don’t count that as a full purchase)

web page


(nutrients bottles can be given to novel when commenting too)

this rating function is just to make the novel look more appealing to potential readers (no further impact)

rating system
a comment will be auto-generated if you don’t leave one

How to give away nutrients bottles

What it’s for:
– Increase chances of (mostly) ongoing novels getting on the Most Supported by Readers Chart
– Makes the novel more attractive to potential readers
*expires on the 1st of the third month after you receive the bottles (so pick the novel you like to give away the bottles! can be your fav author’s ongoing novel even if you haven’t read it as that will be more useful!)

How to get the nutrients bottles:
1. Purchase vip chapters from a novel (without skipping any chapters (so novels with locked chapters are affected)). For every 300000 words purchased, you get 10 bottles.
2. If the novel purchased has less than 300000 words, you get 1 bottle per 30000 words.

1. Checking number of nutrients bottles received

web page

2. Giving away nutrients bottles

go to the novel info page

1. Checking number of nutrients bottles received

refreshes on the 1st of each month (don’t panic if the no. becomes 0. it will be fixed soon)

method 1: at the novel info page


method 2: when commenting (click to jump up)

last update: 1 march 2019


169 thoughts on “How to use JJWXC

  1. Good day, I’ve got question regarding sunlight values.
    Before new year, we could earn sunlight values easily by watching ads. Now it is gone from the option.
    I’ve been wondering if:
    1. Is this something that happened before? (The option to watch ads disappear for a period of time then will appear again in the future)
    2. Is it possible that this happened because I didn’t update the app?

    I’ve been reluctant to update the app because last time I check with Malwarebytes, this app got trojan in it (No wonder it’s not on Playstore).


  2. Hello, thanks for useful guide 😀 All helps alot, but I’m having a hard time finding the locations of items (i.e where is discount card or vip status etc).
    So I’d suggest:
    – Can you write the Chinese letter of categories for readers can copy and find them (i.e 我的晋江 — > 基本信息 to get to discount card)
    – Or might be post the link of that items ( in above example)

    Just some suggestions, but I really appreciate all the hard work to put up this guide 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi there’s a pictorial guide at the bottom on page 54 regarding the discount card!

      regarding updates, jjwxc actually released the news of an international version of the app quite some time back (but there’s has been no follow up from their side) and google drive has been marking the guides as phishing content that violate their terms so i have not worked on the guide ever since ε=ε=(>Д<)ノノ!! if i am able to find the time to update the guide before the release, i will try to update the guide and include your suggestion! thank youu

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks 😀 This morning when I woke up it just struck me that I was referring to JJ website version too much in above comment haha. I saw the pictorial guide too, but was hopelessly trying to guess location of those items lol, so my 3rd suggestion is you might take some bigger screenshots so readers can locate them easier ( cuz chinese letters are quite same to us lol) ? XD Easier to type chinese letters out/ or find all the website links.

        Regarding the international version, I really doubt if they do release anything soon, so we can take it less seriously. Also I wonder if you set password to pdf/ or zip files, will that pass the stalking eyes of big sis google hahaha.

        And finally I have some video/ guide (some not in english though) about buying chapters in mobile / or how to copy text each chapter/ or download all text in JJ, but not sure if I can share here, or you wanna incl that in the guide or not. If you’re interest I can send you those info later.


      2. might be via discord/ mail? i think wordpress comment only visible when you approve it, so guess it’s safe to share my user here?


  3. Hello, thank you so much for the guide!
    I’m just wondering if our VIP status have a duration? Like will it be expired after 30 days (then downgraded to General User, hence no more discount in buying VIP chapters) or is it permanent?


    1. I don’t think the VIP status has any duration. If you’re at that rank, it’ll stay there, not move down after awhile. Though it’ll be better to login and buy chapters in mobile app (cheaper rate when you’re not at veteran vip rank). And with that you don’t have to worry at your VIP status as much.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. sorry for the late reply! there’s no duration for the vip status once you attained it! would recommend buying chapters only in the app if you have not reached veteran vip


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