[NEW] 阳光值 Sunlight Value

hey guys, just a note that i will be updating the guide in a day or two to include 阳光值 (will try to refine the top up info too!). thank you to the person who mentioned about 阳光值! i totally missed it bc i didn’t update my app until today, my bad QAQ.

as it will take me some time to update the guide, i will just get you guys started first. made a terrible edit for you guys to make do with first.

do start collecting these 阳光值 sunlight values today! tap 领奖励 to collect them. refreshes daily. very beneficial, you can exchange for jj coins and even published books, merchandise, etc in the future.

i got a reply! the top up tasks should hold for top up via any available channels.

tasks given will change from time to time. they expire after 12 months counting from the day you collected them. you can easily earn 1040 阳光值 daily without spending at all and that is 10 jj coins already.

i will be back with the update and full details soon! hopefully tmr. you guys can collect the sunlight values first in the meantime ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 ask if you can’t find it or anything~

p.s. i do not recommend redeeming the moonstones. moonstones are very easy to obtain, just sign in daily. if you know any authors who need the moonstones, feel free to let me know. i have close to 10k moonstones… (。ì _ í。)

(btw i made a twitter account specifically to post updates regarding jjwxc if it is more convenient there for you guys to view. updates will be the same here except for other small guides (but they will be posted in the google folder too). the old one is deactivated already. did something immature with it last time (ò///ó))


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