Blooming Romance Chapter 14

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t/n (hover over the number to read the note without affecting your reading/clicking will bring you back here):
1. Ge (哥) – refers to brother and is sometimes used as a suffix behind a person’s name too
2. Texas hold’em – a variation of the card game of poker (via wikipedia)

Perhaps it was because the atmosphere was too gentle, or Lin Yanchen’s eyes were too sincere.

Chu Xun really said it out, though hiding some part of the story, “He was a friend of mine and we were high school classmates.”

“Friend?” Lin Yanchen continued to ask. If that person was Chu Xun’s boyfriend, Chu Xun didn’t need to say they were friends and classmates, right?

Chu Xun didn’t catch what Lin Yanchen was hinting and mused, “We are no longer friends now. I liked him, but he doesn’t like me, so we couldn’t even be friends.”

Hearing that Chu Xun liked some other guy and not knowing whether the older still likes that guy, Lin Yanchen found himself irritated, dejectedly commenting, “That man is as blind as a bat.”

It would be too embarrassing if Chu Xun confessed that he had never had a suitor in his life, so he kept his mouth shut.

Since they weren’t going to go out, they stayed in the room to smoke, drink and play poker.

Lin Yanchen saw how smooth Chu Xun was at shuffling the cards and said, sounding amazed, “I didn’t know you knew how to play poker. I thought you don’t play them.”

Chu Xun unabashedly claimed, “Why not? I know a lot of things.”

“So amazing?” Lin Yanchen quickly commended.

How can people surviving in this world not know how to play? In order to accompany customers and keep them entertained, Chu Xun learned eighteen kinds of entertaining skills, although he couldn’t be considered proficient at them.

“It’s boring to not gamble anything. Should we gamble money?” He suggested.

“Let’s not gamble money.”

Chu Xun thought Xiao Lin was a strange person. Normally speaking, those beauties accompanying others would be trying to get more money from their buyer, but Xiao Lin never asked him for gifts. The younger even disagreed to his suggestion to gamble money.

Lin Yanchen eyes twinkled as he looked at Chu Xun. “Let’s do this. If you lose, let me kiss you. If I lose, I’ll let you kiss me.”

It sounds good… but something feels off, Chu Xun thought. However, he was too used to saving money, so he agreed since he could have fun without spending any money.

Chu Xun was ambitious to win over Xiao Lin to show the younger the strength of an uncle who had struggled in the working world.

Then he lost three times in a row.

Lin Yanchen won by just a bit each round. Chu Xun threw the cards on the blanket and grumbled, “You won again? Is this beginner’s luck?

When they played the first round, Lin Yanchen didn’t know a lot of things and needed Chu Xun to teach him. Who knew Lin Yanchen would win the first round? He even acted dumb and asked, “Ge1, did I win?”

Chu Xun could only give Lin Yanchen a kiss.

Lin Yanchen finally managed to take advantage of Chu Xun. He made sure he received a satisfying, deep kiss each time, kissing the older until the older was panting.

Before meeting Xiao Lin, not only was Chu Xun a virgin, he had never even kissed anyone. Xiao Lin was so clingy that having sex with the younger was an all in the day’s work for them. After being kissed twice, he just smacked his lips together, finding his mouth sore.

These kisses won are extremely pleasant, Lin Yanchen thought delightfully.

But it wouldn’t be right to keep winning, so Lin Yanchen controlled himself and let Chu Xun win a round.

Lin Yanchen leaned his face over. “Kiss me.”

Chu Xun frowned and carelessly left a quick peck on Lin Yanchen’s cheek.

Lin Yanchen wasn’t satisfied. He knew Chu Xun would act like that if the older won, so he desperately wanted to win. He anxiously demanded, “You have to kiss me on the lips.”

Chu Xun stopped cooperating. “Are you lying to me? Thinking about it, you are a professional escort, so you should know how to play poker! You’re definitely pretending not to know!”

Lin Yanchen admitted shamelessly, “It’s because you set the rule that I can only kiss you with your permission. So, I can only find another way…”

Chu Xun put on a straight face and glared at Lin Yanchen, pretending to be angry. Lin Yanchen simply looked back at Chu Xun pitifully, making Chu Xun unable to hold back his laughter.

Seeing that Chu Xun wasn’t angry, Lin Yanchen pushed his luck. “You know what I’m suffering now, right? Can you abolish that ridiculous rule?”

Chu Xun replied with a smile, “Of course… not. “

Lin Yanchen was like a dog drooping its ears. He grumbled, sounding as though he had been bullied, “You really have a heart of stone.”

That made Chu Xun laugh.

They slept till noon, spending another afternoon just like that, then night fell in a blink of an eye.

Chu Xun thought that it was a pity to not go out for a whole day and requested, “Change your clothes. Let’s go out and play.”

“Where are we going to play today? You must tell me. If you don’t tell me, I won’t go with you.” Lin Yanchen demanded.

“We are going to the casino.”

“Didn’t you say you don’t want to go to the casino anymore?”

Chu Xun murmured, “Well… I thought since we came to Las Vegas, not going to experience the casinos would be a pity. I only changed 5 thousand USD worth of token. I’ll just casually try it out then leave after losing, definitely not going to go overboard.”

Just with that terrible gambling technique of yours. Lin Yanchen complained in his heart and decided he must follow Chu Xun. “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Before entering the casino, Lin Yanchen worriedly warned Chu Xun, “You said you’ll only play one game. If you go against your words, I’ll forcefully drag you out.”

Chu Xun laughed out loud. “Okay, okay. I’ll listen to our Xiao Lin.”

Chu Xun just came here to go all out for a bit, then leave after that. It didn’t matter whether he won or lost.

He just wanted to enjoy the feeling of high stakes gambling before he died—if his little money was considered a high stakes gamble.

Chu Xun promised, “I’ll just play one game and go home after losing.”

He was ready to lose all his money.

Lin Yanchen still couldn’t guess what Chu Xun was thinking, but he couldn’t watch the older lose his money just like that too. “Then I’ll play this round for you.”

Lin Yanchen had specially learned gambling techniques before.

In his adolescence, his dad thought he was too playful. Instead of forbidding him, his dad would rather find someone to teach him. Many wealthy children who were stopped from playing, despite wanting to, ended up getting addicted thanks to other people and some even ruined their families. His teacher was a retired gambler who had only five fingers left. It was frightening just looking at his teacher’s hands. He, however, found it boring after he learned all the different gambling and cheating techniques his teacher explained in details, so when his classmates invited him to play at casinos, he ended up rejecting them.

When he was seventeen or eighteen years old, he was very arrogant, thinking that the whole world revolved around him. He looked at everyone as though they were fools, unwilling to hang around with those fools who thought they were gambling gods when they were just played into his hands. What a bunch of idiots.

Chu Xun side-eyed Lin Yanchen. “Are you thinking that I suck at gambling?”

Lin Yanchen was taken aback. He gave a forced smile and denied, “Of course not…”

“You’re lying. No, I want to play by myself. There’s no meaning if I don’t play by myself.”


Chu Xun sat down at the table with the Texas hold’em2.

He started off with a set of average cards.

Not expecting too much, he calmly bet a stack of tokens.

Lin Yanchen recalled that old gambler telling him that gambling techniques are deceitful tricks. Expressions and actions can also be used to one’s advantages. If you can deceive your opponent, you can win.

The cards of Chu Xun’s opponent were actually better than Chu Xun’s own, but because his opponent was bluffed by him, Chu Xun won a table of tokens in the end.

This table was for low stakes players. Their bets were not huge. Getting four times of his initial 5 thousand USD back, Chu Xun earned a small amount.

Chu Xun turned to Lin Yanchen and said with a smile, “It turns out that I’m in the limelight here today.”

“Are you going to continue playing?”

Chu Xun kept his word. “I said I’d only play one game.”

Chu Xun changed the tokens he won into cash, brought Lin Yanchen to one of Las Vegas’ foundation for women and children, and generously donated all the money he won.

The staff thanked him and asked for his name, wanting to write him a certificate of appreciation for the donation. He gave the staff Lin Yanchen’s name.

Lin Yanchen side-eyed Chu Xun.

Chu Xun said, “Treat it as my gift to you.”

Lin Yanchen held the thin sheet of paper that was freshly printed. Never had anyone given him a gift like this “You just didn’t want to say your own name, right?” Lin Yanchen guessed, being unappreciative.

Chu Xun pinched Lin Yanchen’s face. “Don’t be so sharp-tongued. Think about it. If the children who are helped say ‘Thank you Mr Lin’, won’t you feel happy?”

“I didn’t expect you to donate all that money just like that.”

As though joking, Chu Xun said, “I think I might have done too much evil in my previous life, so I’m accumulating virtue for myself.”

Chu Xun wants to take the chance to do more good while he still can in this life so that his next life can be more smooth sailing. Or at least, he can be safe and healthy, not having to die tragically at a young age.

He hopes that he can have a good relationship with his parents in his next life.

He hopes that he can be more honest and live the life he wants in his next life.

He hopes that he can find someone he loves, who also happens to love him back, in his next life.

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27 thoughts on “Blooming Romance Chapter 14

  1. I think that Lin Yanchen and his dad are alike. I kinda like it. His dad is not a traditional type which is better than that of Chu Xun.

    And boy your love is beside you!

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  2. Hate to break it to you bud but the love that you’re looking for…is right there…in front of your eyes~

    While I do think it would be sadder if we didn’t already know Chu Xun isn’t really going to die, I prefer knowing beforehand that it’s going to be sweet and not a tragic BE. HE SUPERIOR!!! I came to be happy and not to cry myself to sleep QAQ

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  3. >He hopes that he can find someone he loves, who also happens to love him back, in his next life.<
    Sigh sometimes this is probably the most difficult wish huh….well the parent's thing might somewhat more difficult only because one cannot choose one's parents.

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  4. To be honest, the description of this novel ruins everything. It spoils where it’s important 😥 the author shouldn’t have told us he is pregnant so we Will feel all kinda emotionals right now, misunderstanding his death is near lol.

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    1. i think she just wants to make it clear that the story is a sweet one since she does have that as a tag and there are really readers super particular about how these tags are used. then again, the author mentioned that she’s not good at writing haha o v o

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      1. I feel you. But I also kinda liked the spoiler in the summary, because it’s what caught my attention. Sounds very angst-y, and I love pain. And add some sweetness to it, really my cup of tea.


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